Making blockchain networks reliable.

The industry’s only toolbox for monitoring blockchain networks and applications, offering essential analytics and performance insights.

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We keep blockchain networks up and running

Blockchain networks are owned by multiple, disparate parties. This makes it challenging to gauge the health of the network, let alone identify the causes of operational issues and help communities collaborate to resolve them when they occur. With more and more critical services moving to blockchain everyday, from finance, to health, to enterprise, the stakes are only getting higher. Metrika provides the operational platform that de-risks blockchain networks, so that the whole world can rely on them.

We build tools that are indispensable

We are working with the world’s most advanced blockchain platforms and apps to provide performance data, insights and monitoring, to allow them to safeguard their performance. Metrika is the only company dedicated to managing and predicting potential technical issues in blockchain networks: without us, you’re flying blind.

We work with leading blockchain ecosystems and industry groups


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