Our Vision

At Metrika, we believe that blockchain is going to transform the way our society operates. Whether it’s our financial institutions, supply chains, or healthcare systems, blockchain creates an ecosystem of trust, without a centralized entity needed to deliver that trust.

But what about trust that the network itself is operating as expected? Like any network, a blockchain network needs monitoring to make sure it’s up and running. Operational monitoring is even more critical for decentralized networks because there’s no one entity with end-to-end visibility of the entire network, and the security and value of a blockchain network depends on the active engagement of multiple parties contributing to consensus.

We are dedicated to empowering blockchain ecosystems with tools to ensure networks are performant and reliable, ultimately contributing to their growth worldwide.

We’re on a mission to provide trust in blockchain operations.

Meet the team

Started in Cambridge, MA with founders, investors, and mentors in the MIT community, our team has deep experience in networking, monitoring, and analytics. We are a distributed team based out of the US and Europe.

Our Advisors